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    Foshan Zhicheng Gas Co., Ltd., Located In Foshan City China, It Is Professional Distributors With More Than 20 Years Of Experience In Specialty Gases And Related Equipments. We Are Specialized In Rare Gases (Xe, Kr, Ne), Electron Gases (SiH4, BF3, SF6, CF4, PH3, BCl3 etc.), Gas Mixtures etc., and deuterium gas and deuterium substitution reagents for electronics (OLED) production etc..


    We Do Both Import and Export To Supply Our Domestic Market And International Market, We Have Exported Our Products To Many Countries And Regions Like Germany, England, Poland, Russia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia etc..


    We Support Our Customers With Competitive Offer And Stable Supply. Please Feel Free To Contact Us If There Is Any Requirement. We Are Looking Forward To Any Inquiry And Cooperation Opportunity.



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    Address: Room 4805-4806, Building A4, Guangfozhicheng, Dali town, Nanhai District, Foshan, China